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I started my tattoo apprenticeship at the end of 2003 in Diamond Jacks in Soho and now currently work in Accomplice Tattoo after working in a few shops in between learning different trade tricks along the way from various artists. I have worked published in SkinShots magazine and have had the privilege to meet and hang out with tattoo legends such as Bernie Luther, Hannah Aithchison, George Bone, Dan Gold and Lal Hardy and many more through the years.
From 2009 I rediscovered my childhood love of Sci-Fi and Fantasy art through the digital art medium. Now illustration has become my main hobby outside of tattooing and an extra creative outlet to explore other styles and subjects of art.
I appreciate and enjoy doing most styles of tattoo especially new school and black and grey realism. My work can be found on the links below for those that want to follow my artistic journey and experience both my artistic discoveries and struggles as I keep pushing myself harder to keep improving.

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