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Monday, 8 March 2010

I love my job

And the fact that someone took the time to post this reminds me how lucky I am.

"I have to thank Joe, for in my opinion my excellent looking tattoo of my hero Eric Cantona. I was a bit sceptical about getting my tat done from Joe as he's fairly new and young but i have to say im so glad i chose to get it done from him. He made me feel as comfortable as possible, and hes genuinely a v nice guy. As you can see from my tat he is a v skilled guy at what he does. I cannot reccomend Joe Farrell & accomplice Tattoo enough. Its a nice clean studio, and Joe along with girlfriend Emma are v welcoming, helpfull with ideas and input into exactly what you want down to the last detail. Once again many thanks Joe, I'll definately be recommending you to all my friends with full confidence. Keep up the fantastic work mate."

Thank you Asif.

If you have any comments on the studio, about your experience or on how it could be improved, please leave feedback here, on the Accomplice Facebook group, or the Accomplice Myspace.

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