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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Goodbye until November!

I'm going to be off on Tuesday until 10th November (but Jo and Eva will still be here), so before I leave, here's some things we've been tattooing recently.
Also, I'd like to thank everyone who got a RNLI tattoo, we managed to raise £100 for the charity and bang out a few nifty tattoos, so thanks for getting them done!


Finished Mauro's other half Sleeve, (he has this dragon koi on his right arm), well, it's almost finished, we still have the inside to do but it's good to get the dragon completed!

Had lots of fun tattooing this on Adrian, we're almost finished with this sleeve as well and should hopefully get it done on Monday.

Always good to tattoo a skull!

Hayden's first tattoo was definitely a brave start! Nice to do something a little different to what I usually do.

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