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Monday, 5 March 2012

Hello March

Just a few things to show, I'm gonna get some photos off of Andy to put up soon as well.


We managed to add onto NeeNee's leg piece last month with a sweet lotus and anothing koi. Tough guy sat for 5 hours on this one

Re-drew a bit of flash for Valentines day and just added my own twist to it

Put this on my brother last week, my first hot air balloon I've done, would be fun to do more uncommon/weird designs

Mark decided to get a rose right on top of his elbow, not too much to do now to finish off his sleeve

Finished Paul's koi half sleeve and added a little bit of purple to high light the waves

Teagan got this Gypsy head for her mum, just used sepia tones and a deep red, really like the finished result with the limited colours

Stacey started this over a year ago so it was good to finally finish it! Hopefully we'll put up a healed photo sometime, as the flesh colour always looks really pink when it's fresh

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