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Monday, 29 April 2013

This year's conventions

We've pretty much booked all the conventions we're doing this year, so here's the list of where you'll find us:

The Original Portsmouth Tattoo Convention - 27/28 July ~ Farrell and Joaquin
Norwich Body Arts Festival - 17/18 August ~ Farrell and Joaquin
Galway Tattoo Show - 21/22 September ~ Farrell
Tattoo Jam (Doncaster) - 11/13 October ~ Farrell
East Coast Expo (Clacton-on-sea) - 16/17 November ~ Farrell and Joaquin

We're really looking forward to these, and if you'd like work done at any of these shows then email Farrell or Joaquin

In the studio the past couple weeks we've been busy and this is some of what we've done




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