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Monday, 13 June 2011

Big pieces in the pipeline

If you're viewing this on your Mobile then hopefully you're finding the new layout a big improvement! It's a bit more organised and easier to navigate.
At the shop we've had a few big pieces started/ in progress recently and just wanted to share them as I've not been able to post any small ones recently! We're also about a month away from the State Of The Art convention and we're getting all geared up for it, just writing down lists of what we need and getting some tattoos lined up to do on the weekend.

I've had this Koi piece drawn up for over a year now and Anthony's finally decided to get it done. We've got another session to do at the studio and then we're hoping to finish it off at the convention, so it will definitely keep me busy for a little while!

This rose on Christian is the start of a half sleeve. I love doing roses and doing them this size is a really fun project. Got 3 more to put on after this one and then filling the background with leaves and some script.

Mauro's come back for another half sleeve (he had the dragon koi with samurai mask put on his other arm), this time for a dragon. We've had a few sittings with this and I wanted to post an in progress picture to show how it's getting along. It's going to be very bright when it's finished and should fit in very well with his right arm.

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