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Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Gift Cards, Twitter and Tumblr!

So today we got some brand new gift cards in, they look super sexy and would make a great gift for anyone who's a tattoo lover, or even someone who's always ummed and ahhed about getting one and just needs that last little push!

These are available to buy now and can be used either for tattoos or piercings.

If you're up on twitter, Jo is posting a lot on there now with what we're up to at the shop and putting up some tattoos here and there, so go have a look @AccTattoo and I'm sure you'll find some "interesting" tweets on there.

And I have my own blog now on Tumblr, at I'll still be posting work on here but as Eva and I will both be posting on here it could get a little confusing, so this will be just my stuff, and when Eva sets up her own page I'll post a link on here as well.

And lastly some tattoos!

This is the second session on Anthony's leg, might squeeze another quick session in before Derby but if not we'll have a nice long session and get it finished there, as long as he's a brave boy!

Started this Boog piece last night, should finish it in the next few weeks.

This is a pin up drawn up by Jo, it's similar to the one we have outside the shop but with just a few changes to it. Looks really nice in flesh and we might put some shade in it, but I think it looks like a good piece as just line work.

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